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Whatever your needs, Toomey Earthmovers graders have you covered. From the lightweight ALG3500B right up to the 17 m3 capacity ALG4450B, there’s a grader for you.



Model Capacity
Total Width Cut Width1 Tyre Size Data
ALG3500B 8.0/10.0 3.49 m 3.17 m
20 ply
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ALG4000B 11.0/14.0 4.01 m 3.67 m
20 ply
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ALG4450B 13.0/17.0 4.46 m 4.11 m
20 ply
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ALG5200B 13.0/17.0 5.24 m 4.87 m
20 ply
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1Cutting edge width listed. Sidewalls with router edges can achieve actual cutting width equal to the total width.



All Toomey Earthmovers graders come packed with the following advantages:


1.  Tipping bowl with inbuilt ejecting door, for positively ejecting sticky clays and soils

2.  Large capacity apron giving good view of the cutting edge and a large opening to eject the sticky clays and soils

3.  Centre lift geometry to provide maximum ground clearance for soft boggy conditions

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4.  Offset spaced walking beam style axles even out the terrain and provide a smoother ride and faster trimming speeds

5.  Centre lift geometry produces fast response time to allow trimming at faster speeds

6.  Tipping bowl boast better material buffering for high speed trimming over straight ejector style

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7.  Constructed from high strength steels our scrapers are lighter and can carry larger payloads

8.  Large earthmoving tyres result in lower ground pressures allowing them to carry greater loads in softer conditions

9.  Cushioned front drawbars reduce shock loads on the tractor increasing the life of both the scraper and tractor

10.  Dual cross level cylinders fitted for single cylinder automated cross slope control or manual use of the second cylinder for increased slope

11.  Ripper bar mounted to the front cross beam via a four bar linkage arrangement with shear pins to protect against hidden rocks/objects

12.  Heavy duty swivel hitch for quick hitching and unhitching

13.  Low maintenance, grease free bearings & bushes

14.  Boron infused steel cutting edges and blades for longer replacement intervals

Optional Extras

  • Tractor drawbar and swivel hitch assembly
  • Automatic greasing systems
  • Automated side leveling systems
  • Upgraded tyre sizes

Spares Catalogue

Nothing is immune to the rigours of time, so we’ve got a range of spare parts to get you back up and running. Click on the image below to access the catalogue.