Conquer sticky soils

As planting time approaches, waiting for the soil to dry out can cost you precious time. Toomey Earthmovers’ graders can unload wet, clay soils with ease. With a Toomey Earthmovers’ earthmover you can get to work earlier and keep working later in the season.

Clock face

Spend less time trimming

Trimming can be a time consuming endeavor. With speeds in excess of 9mph, Toomey Earthmovers’ graders can drastically reduce time in the fields.

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Cover more ground

Forget constant stops to unload. With our high bucket capacity you can run for longer. Currently using two buckets? A Toomey Earthmovers’ grader can cut that in half.

Watch it in action

If you’re still running a separate earthmoving bucket and trimmer then it’s time to upgrade. Thanks to our innovative design, Toomey Earthmovers’ graders get the work done faster with less hassle.

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