About Us

Toomey Earthmovers manufactures industry-leading laser buckets. Our earthmoving graders and scrapers are used in agriculture and industry around the world, but they were developed to handle the harsh conditions that only Australia can present. We knew if we could make a grader that delivered for Aussie farmers, miners, and construction professionals, we’d have a grader that could work anywhere.

Our range now includes graders with a variety of different bucket capacities, with each grader featuring both a bucket and a trimmer. This unique design enables our customers to get to work faster (as our graders can handle clay and wet soil) and then get more work done in a shorter period of time.

The market isn’t getting any easier in your industry, so you need every edge you can get to help you increase productivity levels. That’s exactly what you can do with our graders.

Our Objective and Vision

We have a long history operating, installing, and selling laser buckets, all of which led to the development of the range of graders we have today.

Throughout the process of developing our product range, our objective has been to provide versatile and efficient graders suitable for modern work environments.

We achieved many milestones along the way, including developing our first laser bucket in 2012. Now our machines are the industry leaders. Browse the range today.

Scrapers  The all-in-one Grader-Scraper Solution.

The all-in-one Grader-Scraper

ECS   Keeping you at the right  height.


Keeping you at the right