+ What is the operational range of the Toomey ECS?

The working range of the Toomey ECS unit depends on weather conditions and the topography. The ECS-1 Bluetooth modules have a typical range of 850 – 1,200 meters from the ECM. The effective working range from the base station has been many kilometers but the typical reduction in accuracy over distance still applies even when using the ECS. It is always advisable to have the stationary somewhere central to the working area.

+ What GPS systems are the Toomey ECS compatible with?

The Toomey ECS concept allows it to be used with any brand of GNSS receiver. The only prerequisite is that the receiver being used as the stationary Rover needs to output a NMEA GGA string at 1Hz and 38.4K Baud Rate. The ECS has been tested successfully with the following brands of GPS receivers; Trimble AgGPS and SPS, Topcon Hyper and GR, John Deere, Novatel and Leica. Please refer to your GPS receivers manual for information about your unit.

+ Do I need to change or upgrade any of my current Machine Control of Survey set up when using Toomey ECS?

No, the Toomey ECS system is a plug and play system that works at the Base Station. our existing hardware and does not change the data going into the software guiding your machinery. The ECS improves the quality and consistency of the “correctional” information being provided from the Base Station.

+ What happens if something goes wrong?

The Toomey ECS comes with a 12 month warranty. We also provide phone and email support for customers to assist them while in the field. Details of your nearest service provider are given when purchasing a Toomey ECS system. Please also refer to our Owners Manual and Troubleshooting sections.