Toomey Scraper’s Features

We build the world’s most innovative scrapers, making them efficient, tough, and reliable.

Toomey Earthmovers is known for designing & building earthmovers with one objective in mind – to help you get more done faster, more efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. The TOOMEY Earthmovers’ innovative design and strong build quality mean you get a machine that you can rely on and makes you more productive.

How much more productive?

It’s not unusual to prepare double a surface area in half the time, compared to using outdated machines or even work in conditions that would pull up competitive scrapers.

What makes it such an efficient earthmover?


All Round Earthmoving

The Toomey is a true all-round earthmoving tool that can shift bulk dirt, cut and fill to grade, final trim and shape the surface.

The Toomey has many operational functions that allow it to perform all these operations with equal ease, without hassle and all conditions.


Speed & Stability

To get more work done faster, the Toomey is able to be operated at speed, moving faster in all conditions with far less bounce and shock to both tractor and operator than all other outdated machines.

To work at speed, the Toomey has to be a very stable scraper. It has this stability because it has a low center of gravity, rigid frame construction, bolt-together assembly, center lifting configuration, in-line cushion hitch and offset rocker axles.

5200 B 1.JPG


The Toomey scraper is very versatile and can handle a wide range of soil conditions. Even in difficult situations where there are high levels of moisture in clay soils that would traditionally slow down the operation of the typical tractor-drawn scraper, the Toomey can still be found hard at work.

The unique action of the tip/eject bowl and two-piece folding apron produces a huge internal clearance which allows unrestricted movement of soil both in and out of the bowl. This feature provides a longer working window over other scrapers.

4500B 1.JPG

Draw Bar Mounted Cushion Hitch

The Toomey design incorporates a draw bar mounted cushion hitch.

The cushion hitch takes away the impact shock and jarring load out of the bounce of the tractor and bucket.
This function greatly reduces the stress on the tractor drive train and scraper fabrications increasing their life and durability. The operator also has a much smoother ride while operating and more hours can be achieved with less stress at the end of the work day.


Swivel Hitch

The Toomey Scrapers are connected to the tractors with a 360 degree rotation Swivel Hitch.

This hitch is connected to a quick-disconnect coupling fabricated to the end of a custom made towbar. This coupling is positioned as close to the back axle as possible to reduce the weight transfer to this axle.

The closer the coupling is to the back axle, the less weight is taken away from the front axle. The further towards the scraper the connecting point is, the more leverage is applied to the back axle, transferring weight from the front axle to the back axle – the “fat kid on a see-saw” scenario!

Parallelogram rippers.jpg

Parallelogram Rippers with Sheer Pins

All Toomey Scrapers are fitted with a set of parallelogram rippers with sheer pins.

These are used to break hard ground to enable continued digging. They can also be used while loading and trimming to soften the ground prior to the cutting edge reaching that spot.

Tilt View.JPG

Dual Cross Levellers

There are dual cross levellers built into the rear frame of the buckets.

These allow the buckets to achieve a high cross slope angle of the cutting edge to enable them to dig on an angle. Structures such as road, drains, banks and batters can be graded and dug with ease.

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