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Earthmoving is Roger’s life. From his early days towing laser buckets through servicing, manufacturing, and sales, Roger has experienced the full spectrum of commercially available machines. It was this experience that drove him to identify and then fill a gap in the market: being able to operate with soft, sticky soil. After heavily modifying his then Horwood Bagshaw laser bucket to increase performance under these conditions, he continued to innovate, seeking further improvements and greater efficiencies. After several years and countless designs, his dreams finally became reality with the full range of Toomey Earthmovers laser buckets that are available today.



Damien has over 10 years’ experience in mechanical engineering and provides the expertise at Toomey Earthmovers to ensure every design is of the highest quality. Having worked with mechanical engineering consultancies through to highly specific applications such as food processing, his ability to manage large scale projects is balanced with strong attention to detail. As someone who really loves his job, Damien spends his spare time designing and manufacturing custom turbo manifolds for fellow car enthusiasts.


A fast-growing business requires a switched-on management support team. Mary manages the day-to-day requirements of the company and keeps track of all the logistical tasks that require attention in the back end. With a background and experience in large organisations, Mary is aware of the resources that are available and how they best fit the business. Mary is also a busy Mum with the usual challenges of raising a family.